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  • The Power of Perspective

    The Power of Perspective

    Remember being told, “There are no stupid questions?” The outlandish questions are usually what lead to the most revolutionary ideas.

  • Digging Deep

    Digging Deep

    Recently, there was something that was intimidating me. A coach asked me, “When did you do something well despite being intimidated?” All of a sudden, I remembered standing on a dock facing a boat full of crew that had no idea who I was.

  • Clarity


    Understanding your own filters and biases let’s you see and hear people more clearly. For me, it means I have more joy experiencing life with them, and LOTS of laughter. A gift I didn’t expect from tying to walk through life more openly.

  • Path to Fulfillment

    Path to Fulfillment

    The path of self-awareness leads to self-empathy, purpose, and a sense of fulfillment. True fulfillment leads to living a life of purpose, reaching one’s full potential, and experiencing what Joseph Campbell refers to as the “rapture of being alive.”

  • Win or Lose: There is No Second

    Win or Lose: There is No Second

    Team racing, what I call “speed chess on the water,” is a mentally challenging sport. The beauty of team racing regattas lies in the ability of sailors to constantly learn and improve, ultimately creating a challenging and fulfilling experience for all involved. A recent three-day regatta demonstrated how humility and vulnerability are the key to success: allowing you to embrace mistakes and learn from them.

  • Communications Dilemmas

    Communications Dilemmas

    Giving negative feedback and bad news is hard. And psychologically, we are amazingly good at rationalizing why we shouldn’t cause someone else harm when we are actually trying to avoid causing ourselves pain. Understanding this helps us be both honest and kind.

  • Types of Difficult Conversations

    Types of Difficult Conversations

    Part of successfully preparing for a difficult conversation, in addition to understanding why you need to have the difficult conversation, is to understand what type of conversation you need to have.

  • Why Have Difficult Conversations?

    Why Have Difficult Conversations?

    When the going gets tough, do you get uncomfortable? Difficult conversations can pay off in a big way – not only to improve #performance and generate higher #profits but also help strengthen relationships. What’s your motivation for learning how to navigate through challenging situations? Let’s explore this together!

  • Work the Three

    Work the Three

    It’s no secret that the number three is pervasive in human culture. From ancient stories to modern day scientific research, the number three has had significance for centuries. But why does it have such power? And how can you use this power in your business? Let’s explore how understanding and utilizing the power of three can give you a competitive edge.

  • Rainy Day

    Rainy Day

    When life throws you a rainy day, don’t curl up and hunch your shoulders – remember that defensive postures only deflect your energy away from resolving the situation at hand. Take a deep breath, relax, and accept the raindrops – you can’t get any wetter!