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Are you making the most of your career?

Are you feeling stuck or dissatisfied as a leader, as though you just can’t or don’t know where or how to make a change?

Are you being true to yourself?

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you wearing a mask?

Do you feel confident?

Are you hampered by work life balance?

Have you been passed over for a promotion?

Is your network valuable?

Are you frustrated?

Are you growing and developing?

Are you taking on challenges well?

Do you have the leadership skills you need to advance?

Are you making the impact you want to have?

Is your career in line with your values?

Are you managing challenging situations well?

Are you reaching your full potential?

Are you realizing the success you want?

Own Your Future.

Molly Hughes Wilmer understands female leaders who want more out of their careers.

Every woman deserves the right to

  • chart her own course,
  • take action to meet her own goals, and
  • feel relevant, accomplished, and fulfilled.

Reach yOUR goals.

Molly is not just a coach, but a trusted guide who helps others find their own path to reaching their goals. She draws from her personal journey that has led her to a state of peace, joy, and empathy, offering all that she has become to enable others to reach their potential.

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Molly understands female leaders who want the most out of their careers.


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“Molly’s personal touch and her sincere passion for her clients is absolutely the best.

“Her passion, skillset, and dedication are qualities that I believe would greatly benefit anyone seeking to embark on a journey of professional and personal growth.”

“I would not have thought the results were possible.”

“What has always stood out are her clear concepts and her smile.”

“She has a powerful way of listening to people.”

“Molly provided great leadership.”

“Molly is the smartest person I’ve ever worked with.”

“She has coached over a dozen of our presentations and our win rate is up from 1 in 5, to winning 4 out of 5 of the pitches that we participate in!”

“Molly collaboratively leads organizations through the challenging process to get a team to commit to a shared picture of success.”

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