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Power through the Polycrisis

“CEO Turnover Spiked in the First Quarter of 2024” (Russell Reynolds)

75% of C-Suite are Considering Quitting (Deloitte and Workplace Intelligence)

During what many are calling a polycrisis (global elections, climate change, AI disruption, and social change, to name a few) leaders are being challenged at an unprecedented level. Positivity is critical for personal mental health and organizational stability, much less growth.

In the last month, I have heard from and spoken to leaders from regional powerhouses including Under Armour, L3 Harris, Boeing, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center and the United States Cyber Command about the impact of positivity on leadership.

We are pulling together the latest from this thought leadership for a dynamic discussion at this month’s Insight Hour.

We’re gathering a select group of senior leaders to share successful strategies and what is working. This invite-only virtual discussion will provide a platform for insightful conversation and actionable strategies.

If you’re a senior/c-suite leader and would like to attend, you can request an invite here.

Today’s business climate is dynamic. 

How will successful leaders take advantage of the right inflection point for their business and their industry?


Focus on your people, and creating work environments that work.


Keep your head “out of the boat” and stay on top of trends and realities so you can take advantage of the right inflection point for your business and your industry.


Strategically prioritize what you should be focusing on so that your organization and your people are not suffering from “whiplash.”