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Celebrating, and learning from, a 20-year (so far) marriage. What are the ingredients that make relationships of all kinds go the distance?
At a recent panel discussion of women sailors, I kept cheering and clapping as I listened to amazing women share some of the secrets of their successes. As usual, the secrets apply to a lot more than sailing. Here are my lessons learned.
How do you stay in your growth zone? How are you fed, and what do you do to keep it going? Here are some things that are working for me right now.
How will you know when you need to change course? Often we (and others) are so invested in our plan, or so enmeshed on one point of view, or so wedded to an idea, that we don’t know when to bail. Make decisions more objectively and less personally.
How can we capture the innocent toddler joy of conquering something new to fuel our growth zone?
What makes groups special, and how can you nurture that? The concept of the "third entity" in a group context refers to the idea that when individuals come together in a group, a new entity or dynamic emerges that is distinct from the sum of its individual members. This
"You get out what you put in." Vulnerability can lead to a more authentic, connected and fulfilling life.
A music festival was a great time to reflect on the gift of individuality. How do you embrace individuality both personally and in your organization? How can you encourage individual expression and take advantage of the benefits?
Coaching well is an amazing feeling. Why do I want to be a masterful coach? Is it working? What is the best use of your skills, talents and life lessons learned?