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What makes groups special, and how can you nurture that? The concept of the "third entity" in a group context refers to the idea that when individuals come together in a group, a new entity or dynamic emerges that is distinct from the sum of its individual members. This
"You get out what you put in." Vulnerability can lead to a more authentic, connected and fulfilling life.
A music festival was a great time to reflect on the gift of individuality. How do you embrace individuality both personally and in your organization? How can you encourage individual expression and take advantage of the benefits?
Coaching well is an amazing feeling. Why do I want to be a masterful coach? Is it working? What is the best use of your skills, talents and life lessons learned?
Science has proven that our thoughts lead to actions. It may feel the other way around sometimes, but the transmitters in our body work so fast, thoughts precede actions. How do your thoghts impact the results you are achieving in various aspects of your life, including the personal, professional, and emotional?
When you are facing limited options, stress may be limiting your ability to problem solve. Most likely, the options are not as bleak as you think they are. What is happening and what can you do to see more clearly?
Flying home from a weekend of racing classic wooden boats in Maine, filled with great memories and a warm heart, it’s hard not to compare the sportsmanship, camaraderie, and Corinthian spirit I just experienced to my usual one-design racing in “plastic” boats (as they are known to some!). The culture of the different types of racing can be markedly different. Organizational and community culture is a special thing. How does your culture create efficiencies, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and a strong brand value?
For my birthday, I was given the gift of growth. It was wrapped in near misses and tied with a ribbon of humility. Ouch. Wow.
What goals are you setting for yourself? How are you holding yourself accountable?
Effective teams are are rare. During a storm, the team I taught sailing with was tested, and we passed. It felt great to be part of this high-functioning, focused group. Looking back, we can dissect what worked.