You are only as happy as
your unhappiest child.

If you’ve heard this, or said it, you belong to a parenting club that none of us really want to belong to: parents of children who are struggling.

It can be a lonely place.

Parents face a whole host of issues that can be challenging to navigate alone.

•My parenting is inconsistent. I don’t have a road map for my parenting decisions.

•How can I lovingly give my child boundaries?

•The token economy didn’t work. What next?

•My child is manipulative – how can I be in charge?

•How much freedom do I give my teen?

You are not alone.

Support is here

As a mother, I have been there.

Whether your child is neurotypical or neurodiverse, I can relate. Years of parent training from some of the best doctors at Kennedy Krieger and Johns Hopkins, combined with lots of research and learning on my own, has gotten our family through some very tough times and to a place of acceptance, optimism about the future, and believe it or not, joy!

While I do not do it full time, I am happy to combine my experience as an executive coach and parenting to work with select parents and help you navigate to a better place.

If you have received this link, someone thinks we could work together well.

Let’s talk and see if I can help you navigate through your current situation.