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Regret and guilt are what I call “useless” emotions because they don’t help you. But you have to do something with them to be able to move on, grow and become a better person. There are three things you can do in combination, depending upon the situation, to banish regret and guilt: atone, learn from your mistakes, and manage your memories.
When there is no "wind in your sails," work to strategically position yourself for success.
As we come to the transition from 2022 to 2023, it's a traditional time to reflect on what's important and what we want to focus on. If you need some prompting to intentionally focus your energies, I use the "three Gs" - Gratitude, Growing and Giving.
It's hard to prepare for leadership in a crisis, but here are some best practices to leverage if you are put in that position.
Names are more powerful and innate than we may realize. Intentionally, we can use names to "frame things" or "tame things." What do you need to "frame" or "tame" with a name?
An experimental blog published using ChatGPT to explain our innate linguistic abilities and the power of leveraging them to name things.
It's time for bonuses, those oft-misused corporate motivators. What internal and external motivators are most meaningful to you at this time in your life?
The holidays bring a merry multitude of annual choices. How can you not get overwhelmed and experience joy this holiday season?
You get out of any organization or relationship what you put into it. Whether you give “time, talent or treasure,” you will probably get more out of it than you give. 
There are times in life when you think the ball isn't in your court. Well, maybe it can be .....