Flowers are both lovely and an interesting choice for celebrating one of the toughest jobs of humankind.

Yes, we “bloom” children, but we aren’t spent when it’s over. We can still thrive.

Being a mother is the most all-in experience of a lifetime, involving body, mind and spirit. From stretch marks and scars to sleepless nights when they are nursing to late nights when they are driving to restless nights when their marriage is on the rocks.

And yet, for most of us, motherhood is the one experience that we are supposed to bottle up, not mention, and hide at work. For fear of being passed over for promotion, for fear of not being taken seriously, for fear of not being given opportunity. The strength, perseverence, tenacity emotional intelligence and grit of being a mother somehow isn’t valued in the workplace.

At the same time, we often balance tension within us between self and other. When the infant is cooed over and we, spent from the delivery, are ignored. When we are only as happy as our saddest child. When we dedicate all our free time to their weeknight and weekend activity schedule. When we postpone our doctor’s appointments because their needs are more important.

This Mother’s Day, I invite you to reflect on the amazing life you have created and the awesome potential within you.

  • How do you balance the tension of self and other? Of work and motherhood?
  • How are you thriving as a mother, as a woman, as a person?
  • How can we build each other up and create a multi-generational sisterhood of support?
  • And if you had a symbol of your self as mother, what would it be?
  • And if you aren’t a mother, how can you support the mothers you know?