Category: Empathy

  • The Gift of Individuality

    The Gift of Individuality

    A music festival was a great time to reflect on the gift of individuality. How do you embrace individuality both personally and in your organization? How can you encourage individual expression and take advantage of the benefits?

  • A Mother’s Day Invitation

    A Mother’s Day Invitation

    Flowers are both lovely and an interesting choice for celebrating one of the toughest jobs of humankind. Being a mother is the most all-in experience of a lifetume, involving body, mind and spirit. This Mother’s Day, I invite you to reflect on the amazing life you have created and the awesome potential within you. Read…

  • Positive Power of Millennials

    Positive Power of Millennials

    Traditional corporate culture is in trouble because the younger generation just will not put up with the negatives of the status quo. They are not ignoring generational differences, and they are not letting others ignore it, either. I just spent a weekend experiencing a front-row seat to the rewriting of the rules. It was inspiring…

  • Embracing Self-Empathy

    Embracing Self-Empathy

    Self-empathy means understanding why you are the way you are, and can bring you greater reslience in times of duress, better relationships with an unfettered perspective, and a better chance of claiming joy and rapture in your life.