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Coaching well is an amazing feeling. Why do I want to be a masterful coach? Is it working? What is the best use of your skills, talents and life lessons learned?
Science has proven that our thoughts lead to actions. It may feel the other way around sometimes, but the transmitters in our body work so fast, thoughts precede actions. How do your thoghts impact the results you are achieving in various aspects of your life, including the personal, professional, and emotional?
Effective teams are are rare. During a storm, the team I taught sailing with was tested, and we passed. It felt great to be part of this high-functioning, focused group. Looking back, we can dissect what worked.
Remember being told, "There are no stupid questions?" The outlandish questions are usually what lead to the most revolutionary ideas.
Traditional corporate culture is in trouble because the younger generation just will not put up with the negatives of the status quo. They are not ignoring generational differences, and they are not letting others ignore it, either. I just spent a weekend experiencing a front-row seat to the rewriting of the rules. It was inspiring and empowering. Here is what I saw.
As we progress through the various levels of need, once we have our basic needs met, […]
Leaders must strive for true empathy in order to unlock its powerful transformative potential. That's why it is often referred to as a superpower! Developing and rising above our innate biases can be tough but, when we embrace this challenge, the results are nothing short of incredible.
When there is no "wind in your sails," work to strategically position yourself for success.
It's hard to prepare for leadership in a crisis, but here are some best practices to leverage if you are put in that position.
You get out of any organization or relationship what you put into it. Whether you give “time, talent or treasure,” you will probably get more out of it than you give.