Thoughts on Giving Tuesday

You get out of any organization or relationship what you put into it. Whether you give “time, talent or treasure,” you will probably get more out of it than you give. 

I worked for several non-profits- several sailing related, and one that promoted international relations and business. I’ve been on multiple boards, for the opera, a wooden-boat building school, a foundation, our church, and now the Hospice Cup, a sailing organization that raises funds for and awareness of hospice care. They have connected me with the community, my neighbors, and fellow leaders. They have highlighted social issues and helped me see the world in a bigger way. They have helped me travel the world and gain a fabulous appreciation for how alike we are, despite how different we may appear.

Giving connects you with the mission in a unique way – you become invested in not just the mission, but the outcome and the accomplishments of the organization. You join the dynamic in an incredibly powerful way. And annual giving is a powerful endorsement that an organization is fulfilling its mission successfully on a regular basis.

Whether you can give time, talent or treasure, I hope you give something not just on #GivingTuesday, but throughout the year. If you need some suggestions, here are some ideas.

Hospice Cup is a sailing event that raises funds for, and awareness of, hospice care. You can donate here. Our local hospice helped start a “national movement.” You can support the National Hospice Regatta Alliance, a local regatta, or your local hospice directly. 

Pride of Baltimore, Inc. Whether you are a fan of history, sailing, education, business development, or just Maryland, this historic Baltimore clipper that serves as Maryland’s sailing Ambassador, has an amazing story and a powerful impact. I’ve gotten tears in my eyes watching her pull into port in Genoa, Italy, and Tokyo, Japan. Donate here. There are tall ships around the country that might pique your interest. 

The Annapolis Opera is celebrating 50 years. Whether you support the opera, or another arts organization, know that the arts help us evolve and be better people. Being the bride as an extra in an opera was an incredibly enriching experience that had me laughing and crying. The arts help us connect with each other and our inner selves.

St. Anne’s Church is a historic church in downtown Annapolis. The “church in the circle” has a powerful message of inclusion, centered in deep faith, tradition and ritual. There is nothing like listening to a band including a drum set and a bass guitar in an 18th century site, with the smell of incense wafting around. Support St. Anne’s, your spiritual center of choice, or someone that helps both elevate and ground your community.