“Decision fatigue” refers to reduced decision-making ability after making too many decisions. We only have the mental bandwidth for making so many decisions in one day. It’s why some leaders, like Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, have limited their wardrobe choices, so they can focus on more important decisions throughout the day.

The holidays bring a merry multitude of annual choices and decisions to be made: who to get presents for, what to get them, how to wrap them, when to give them; what parties to attend, what holiday outfits or tie to wear; how to incorporate eggnog, sparkling wine, cookie exchanges and rum cakes into your diet; what picture to use on your holiday card, which card to use, when to send it, to send it via email or postal mail. And there are many more – decorating the house, hosting parties, choosing your music. attending holiday concerts and parades, among them.

When you quietly think about how many choices the holidays present us, it’s no wonder the holidays can be overwhelming. If we stay in that quiet place, we might be able to strategically plan how to navigate the holidays to reduce fatigue and reclaim the joy.

Reclaiming Holiday Joy

A festive holiday bike ride is my favorite high energy tradition! You can even catch us on video.

To reclaim holiday joy, you need to spend some energy making choices that feed you. You can prioritize which ones you need to think about.

  • What can you outsource to other people? What do you not really like doing, that you feel should absolutely be done?
  • What holiday traditions do you love; which ones feed you? These are the ones you want to invest in and make sure you do them intentionally.
  • What can you drop? What “Should do”s are really “could do”s and “don’t have to”s?
  • Which people do you want to surround yourself with? Covid taught us we can be more intentional about our “bubbles” – who do you want in your holiday “bubbly”?
I enjoy losing myself in making crazy gingerbread-style houses. Last year I went MCM.

Whatever you choose, I hope it feeds you and you have a holiday season filled with meaning, great people, and joy!